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There is NO Prince Charming… There’s only life lessons!

I LOVE a good Disney movie like the rest of us (ok well some of them). Lion King was the last one that I really, truly fell in love with. Most of the time it pisses me off that my 5 year old daughter thinks that Prince Charming will come swoop her ass up and save the day all while she’s decked out in a ball gown and some hot ass pumps. I get it, it’s a fantasy, a fairy tale and a feel good story. It’s cool! I can get down with a good fairy tale (loved The Notebook). Why do I love Lion King so much? Simply because the story tells the truth about listening to your parents, consequences if you don’t listen your parents and the horrible place you end up when you don’t listen to your parents (not to mention the guilt you haveIMG_9959 about causing your parents death- yikes). The silver lining is how Simba finally decides to grow a pair and fight for his father’s honor and the woman that he loves. Now that’s a story I can get behind!

Fast forward to what has taken over the world, my house and my life, Frozen. The tale of two sisters that truly love each other. Elsa is the older sister that has an odd power (which her parents try to cover up). Anna, the cute, fun and “normal” little sister that begs for her older sister Elsa’s love and approval. When I first watched the movie yes, I fell in love. Now after watching it for the hundredth time, I’ve realized a few aspects of the story that are questionable.  The parents clearly have a gifted child (Elsa) that has a special power (to freeze things). So what Elsa almost killed her little sister Anna with her powers, we all make mistakes, right (that’s a joke)? Instead of getting her the right people (training, therapy, etc.) to help her channel in on her powers, they (the parents) ask Elsa to wear gloves to hide her “abnormality” from the Kingdom. Oh it gets better.. Then like so many families the parents never tell Anna (the younger sister) what really happened when the girls were younger (the fact that her sister almost killed her). Unfortunately, Anna grows up thinking that her older sister Elsa doesn’t love her anymore and can’t understand why. What would happen to Anna outside of Disney? My guess is she ends up seeking love from others and wondering why her family kept so many secrets? But, the part the I do LOVE is Anna (the younger sister) tries so hard to seek her older sister Elsa’s approval. She risks her life to climb the mountain and possibly get eaten by a monster. But Anna, is not giving up even though her sister  Elsa turns her away and yes, tries to kill her again Anna is determined to gain her love. So in true Disney fashion, Anna risks her life for her sister Elsa. At first, I though wow.. this is powerful and I feel so bad that this happened. Ok I actually teared. But then, Elsa’s love defrosts Anna’s body and she’s alive! I was happy for like a second, and thought to myself, was this the best possible ending? For Disney, yes. For me no. For my daughter, of course! At the end of the day is it really about me?  Nope.

Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 9.11.53 PMWhile I think about stealing my daughter’s thunder and letting her know that this is NOT how it happens in real life. I won’t. I want to scream “There is no Prince Charming, just hard core life lessons” but she would die inside if I did this. So, like any good mother I choose to keep my mouth shut, take one for the “Disney team” and just wait for the next blockbuster. It’s not up to me to crush her dreams or step on her creativity. If I promote Santa, The Tooth-fairy and Elf On The Shelf, why not a little Disney? It’s the same thing right? At some point it is up to me to steer her in the right direction and let her know that it’s awesome to dream, and that dreams can come true IF you work hard and listen to your parents (sounds good, right?). But for now I will contribute to the happiness, creativity and adventure that Disney offers.

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