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Dr. Mitchell A. Pohl combines his three decades of experience in cosmetic and reconstructive dentistry with an impeccable artistic skill to give you a bright, beautiful smile. His philosophy is to create a smile that reflects who you are, one that achieves your goals and enhances not only your teeth, but also your self-esteem.

May the Floss be with You !

What’s the single most important thing for good oral health?


As a simple part of good oral home care, flossing your teeth shouldn’t take more than two minutes a day. Flossing helps prevent costly periodontal disease and dental decay by breaking up the bacterial plaque.

Yet many people just don’t do it and I’ve heard all the excuses.

Three years ago, a new patient to my practice sternly announced that he doesn’t floss, he never flossed, he wouldn’t floss and that if I wanted to retain him as a patient I should not bother encouraging him to floss. Well three years passed and during a periodic exam, we discovered that he had full blown advanced periodontal disease. His question to me was, “What can be done?”. I responded: besides flossing?

Fortunately, he is now a believer in the Power of Floss! Using dental floss and our Perio Protect program, he has his periodontal disease under control.

Of course, brushing your teeth is important as well and combining that with proper flossing should keep your pearly whites cavity free and your gums pink and healthy.

However, if you find that despite your conscientious brushing and flossing your gums still bleed, it would be wise to be evaluated by dentist.

If you already suffer from periodontal disease, we have found the Perio Protect system to be an effective and low cost way to control the disease.

For more information on flossing, visit the Oral B website.

I have always told patients, just floss the teeth you want to keep.

May the Floss be with You.

– Dr. Pohl



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