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The Great Food Truck Race Comes to Key West

I am a really, really bad secret keeper. It is just how it is. When I have good intel, I want to share it, and now I will do just that. This is a spoiler alert: If you do not want to know which trucks make it to the finale of the next Great Food Truck Race on the Food Network, you should probably stop reading and come back next week when there will be a new story. You should probably also stay off Facebook and Twitter, too. If you are interested, keep reading. (There’s a video, too!)

Last week, the final two trucks in the next Great Food Truck Race skipped right over Fort Lauderdale and Miami and instead made their way to Key West. The Middle Feast, featuring Israeli/Middle Eastern food and the Lone Star Chuckwagon, featuring BBQ, battled it out on Duval Street.

It was an odd day for this, as there was not a lot of traffic in town, but it seemed that plenty of folks got to enjoy some good food as they were filming. I know I did. Check it out:

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